Youth Sunday School

27 May - Hosea

Hosea Film - Amazing love (2012) Key Learnings Part 2

- Hosea is a love story

- Hosea’s relationship with his wife is an illustration of God’s relationship with us
    - Golmer was;
    -    unfaithful
    -    unthankful
    -    rebellious
    -    captivated by bobbles and trinkets
    - We are Golmer

- The movie's present timeline reflected the themes of the Prophet
    - Our criticisms of lack of character development was precisely the point the movie was making.
    - There are no quick fixes
    -    The Law does not change behavior, the Gospel changes behavior

20 May - Hosea

Hosea Film - Amazing Love (2012) Key Learnings

When a confrontation occurs amongst the youth group, Stuart takes the opportunity to share with the group the story of the Old Testament prophet Hosea.

Present time:
    -    Stuart - Youth leader
    -    Beth - Stuart’s wife
    -    Ashley - the reluctant girl
    -    Cooper - the insectophobia guy
    -    Carry - the other girl
    -    Steve - the other guy
    -    Gameboy - Yes, that’s his name

Old Testament Times:
    -    Hosea - Prophet
    -    Golmer - Unfaithful wife

13 May - 24toDouble

24ToDouble Key Learnings (First Impressions)
First Impressions
    -    Made within the first 7-11 minutes of arrival
    -    People need to connect with people
    -    Making the most of opportunities with people
    -    Feelings more important than the tangible
Front Door Teams (Greeters, Ushers, Parking Lot, Hospitality )
    -    Preferential treatment for non members
    -    We tend to stop when church starts
    -    In an effective Wow Ministry is where ushers and greeters are working together
Need for systematic change
    -    Parking
    -    Greeting
Team Clarity
    -    Under the Pastor’s span of control
    -    Clearly define team member roles
    -    Casting vision (why the team exists) before each event
Front Door Teams Followup
    -    24toDouble is inconsistent with their team names
    -    Website descriptions for 1 .Hospitality, 2. Parking, 3. Safety, and 4. Ushers
    -    Presentation talked about Parking, Greeters, and Ushers
    -    Our current Teams
    -    Greeters
    -    Ushers : Only Ushers have in house documentation
    -    Fellowship
Theological underpinning
    -    More questionable definitive theology statements
    -    Issues of adiaphora ignore

6 May - Ruth 4

Ruth Chapter 4 Key Learnings

- Boaz’s status
    - TLSB infers from v4:6 that the closer family redeemer had no family of his own and backs out because of inheritance concerns for his own heirs.
    - Boaz acceptance of the responsibility
        - Boaz already had heirs
        - Boaz made a sacrificial labor regardless
    - Scripture doesn’t say

Rachel and Leah is a reference to the whole nation of Israel
    - Bilhan and Zilpah where handmaidens not wives

- Noami’s reentering the story at the end
    - The son of Boaz and Ruth was Noami’s family redemption
    - To give the book symmetr

29 April - Ruth 3

Ruth Chapter 3 Key Learnings

- Chapter 3 is the focal point of the Book of Ruth
    - Recognition
    - Respect

- Old Testament connections
    - Lot & his daughters
    - Judah and his daughter-in-law (Tamar)

- Restoration of boundaries
    - kindness
    - love

- Shavuot (Pentacost)
    - Acceptance of faith
    - Commitmen

22 April - Ruth 2

Ruth Chapter 2 Key Learnings

- The strangeness of an agriculture culture
    - Reaping and harvesting
    - Gleaning : gathering what the harvesters did not collect

- “Redeem, redeemer, or redemption”
- The World term usage is mainly in an economic context
    - Church/Scripture uses the terms to describe deliverance from bondage
    (Delivered, Ransom, Rescue, Advocate, Defender, Buy Back, Set Free)

- The theme of family redeemer foreshadows Jesus as our Redeemer

8 April - 24ToDouble

24ToDouble Key (Laity Involvement ) Learnings

FTA - First Time Attender. (The term visitor implies visitors eventually leave)
MTA - Multiple Time Attender

The Pastor’s Meal - A structure opportunity for FTAs/MTAs to connect with the church. People want to meet and interact with the pastor. It makes them feel special. Our pastor is our best “draw” we have to offer.

Meal Goals:
    •    To make friends
    •    To share the church’s statement of faith
    •    To share the Pastor’s vision
    •    To inform that God has a plan for their life and His desire to use them in His service

Curtis’ Notes:
    •    The good and gracious will of God: Name kept Holy; Word taught correctly; Sinners brought to faith; Lead godly lives.
    •    Goals of Confirmation: 1. Take ownership of faith 2. Live as a child of God. 3. Grow in the life & mission of the church.

Application of
Dr Weston’s 7 Laws of Growth can be summed up as relationships, relationships, relationships.

24toDouble uses Romans 12:4-8 as their
leadership model proof text. Concern was raised that they may have bent the meaning to make the text fit.

15 April - Ruth 1

Ruth Chapter I Key Learnings

    - Ruth - Not a Hebrew. A Mobite.
     - Mobites are related to the Hebrews through Lot
     - Lot was Abraham’s nephew
    - First mother-in-law is Naomi
     - Naomi and her husband were originally from Bethlehem before Moab
     - Moves back to Bethlehem after husband’s death
    - Ruth - Grandmother of Kind David
    -Ruth - One of four women mention in the genealogy of Christ

The importance of geography is to demonstrate scripture is rooted in reality.

Ruth was loyal to Naom

25 Mar - Lord's Prayer

Lord’s Prayer Key Learning’s

Matthew 6:9-13

The Lord’s Prayer in post Christian culture
    •    Pope Francis has suggested an updated translation to the 6th petition to avoid confusion. His suggest is in line with what we teach.
    •    Missed opportunities: On a good Sunday only 25% are in Sunday School

English translations examined (ESV, KJV, NIV, TNIV, TEV, NLT, Beck, NABRE)
    •    Each translation made different word choices
    •    The prayer version we use in corporate worship more closely follows the KJV

Lutheran hymnals examined (LH, LBW, LW, LSB)
    •    Subtle changes in the prayer were made over time concerning word choices and punctuation.
    •    The Lord’s prayer is spoken as the conclusion of the Prayer’s of the Church

The language of the church is criticized for being archaic
    •    Tradition and personal preferences

A class version of the Lord’s prayer (petitions numbered)
Our Father who is in heaven.
1. Holy be Your name.
2. Your kingdom come.
3. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
4. Give us today our daily bread.
5. And forgive us our sins and help us forgive those who trespass against us.
6. Do not let us fall into temptation.
7. But deliver us from evil.
For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

11 Mar - 24 to Double

24 To Double Key (Involvement) Learnings:

Dysfunctional Church Models

1. Staff Lead Model (Overworking the staff)
2. Desperate Volunteer Model (Filling slots with warm bodies)
3. Chaos Model (Whatever is in chaos gets attention)

Types of Gifts (Gifts are different that talents):

1. Ascension Gifts (Romans 12:4-5)
    -    Apostles
    -    Prophets
    -    Evangelists
    -    Pastors
    -    Teachers

2. Function/Motivation Gifts (Romans 12:6-8)
    -    Team Leader
    -    Prayer Leader
    -    Recruiter
    -    Encourager
    -    Trainer
    -    Worker
    -    Treasurer

3. Spiritual Gifts (1Cor 12:8-10

4 Mar - Philemon

Philemon Key Learnings

Sunday March 4, 2018

The purpose of the Bible is to point us to Christ Jesus. Our study is taking a closer look at those biblical books and letters that lack the verbosity of the others.

Roman slavery is confusing for us today because it was different from the types of slavery we know best.
The greek word “Doulos” is translated as “slave” or “servant” and different translations made different choices

Relationship Motivations; Slave, Servant, Employee, or Family:
Slave - Obligation
Employee - $$$
Servant - Relationship
Family - Responsibility

We are all runways
Through Christ our relationship status with God is changed
Through Christ our legal status has change

25 Feb - Nahum

The purpose of the Bible is to point us to Christ Jesus. Our study is taking a closer look at those biblical books and letters that lack the verbosity of the others.

The Book of Nahum

Nahum Key Learnings:


Nature of God is: Justice; Slow to anger; Has authority; Shows mercy

God remembers his promises

God is at work in History

Imagery projected warnings:

The world, sin, and the devil are predators.

False teachings and worship of false gods

Natural protections and worldly alliances do not provide shelter from unbelief