Lectionary 2017-2018

The Lutheran Service Book Lectionaries provide Sunday readings that begin with the season of Advent. These scripture readings are often the basis of the sermon for that Sunday.

Acolyte Schedule

Quarterly Acolyte Schedule Nov-Feb

Screen & Sound Schedule

Screen & Sound Board Schedule Nov-Feb

Greeter's Schedule

GREETER’S SCHEDULE Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and Good Shepherd. Please make our visitors and members feel welcome by greeting them in a prompt and friendly manner. Please invite our visitors to have a cup of coffee after each service, along with joining us in the Sunday school and Adult Bible Study hour between the services. Please arrive thirty minutes prior to the service you are scheduled for and remain until five minutes into the service to greet any late comers.

Usher's Schedule

THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR LORD AND OUR CHURCH AS AN USHER If you are unable to serve on your assigned Sunday, call the name of your replacement to Frank Shaw as soon as possible; AND call the church secretary at 651-1022, or e-mail at churchsecretary@gslcshalimar.org by noon Wednesday, to get it in the church bulletin. (The Usher Duties booklet is located in the church entryway on the right shelf) PLEASE BE SURE ALL ASSIGNED DUTIES ARE COMPLETED BEFORE LEAVING

Officers and Boards

Good Shepherd Shalimar 2017-2019 Officers and Boards

Lifetree Cafe Hosting Schedule

Hosting Schedule for Lifetree Cafe. The host has a twofold function of time management for the episode and setting the tone.

Elder/Reader Schedule

January - March 2018