Summer Sermon Series

August 20 - Washing Dishes with Billy Graham

This summer Pastor Ray will be sharing the STORIES AND LESSONS FROM THE FARM he grew up on in Texas, and what it taught him through them.

Jesus lived in an agricultural society where most people would have lived on a farm, worked with crops, or owned livestock. His audiences would have included shepherds, vine growers, farmers, and orchard workers.

Jesus often used stories to teach spiritual lessons. It is an effective way to teach because people remember stories.

 His family probably raised chickens and had a vegetable garden, which would have taught Him how a mother hen would care for her chicks. He knew about weeds growing up among the crop.  He told parables about seeds falling on good soil while others fell on rocky soil.  It was natural for Jesus to use concrete examples from His daily life and in the lives others in His teachings.

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