Rally Day


Rally Day is a fun-filled annual event for us to gather and celebrate our congregational community. To meet, greet, and laugh with each other while enjoying a picnic lunch, games, displays of past accomplishments, and to dream about the future.

1. the churched rallied: regroup, reassemble, re-form, reunite.
2. we rallied an army of volunteers: muster, marshal, mobilize, raise, call up, recruit, enlist, round up
3. we rallied to denounce abortion: get together, band together, assemble, unite, ally, collaborate, cooperate,

pull together.
4. giving rallied: recover, improve, revive, look up, turn a corner.

1. a rally in support of traditional marriage: meeting, mass meeting, gathering, assembly.
2. a rally in attendance: recovery, upturn, improvement, comeback, resurgence.
3. a rally: a competition using public roads and ordinary traffic rules with the object of maintaining a specified

average speed between checkpoints

Rally Day

On any given Sunday this Summer about 30% of us who attend worship services are also in a Bible Study. One way to define Rally Day is to place emphasis on regrouping around the opportunities to hear, share, and learn the Word of God after the long summer season. Rally Day occurs as we enter into new fall routines so that God’s Word is included in those routines.

New Sunday School classes, for Adults, Youth, and Children (9:30-10:30 Sunday Mornings). Pastor’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study (10:00-11:30ish)
Lifetree Café, a conversational cafe` on a wide range of topics meets Tuesdays (7:00-8:00). Formal Confirmation Instruction for students in grades 8 & 9 (Wednesdays evenings)

Our American Heritage Girls Troop meets on 2nd & 4th Thursdays evenings @ 5:30-7:00 PM.
High School Youth Group meets Sundays evenings at 6:00 to explore the meaning of faith in our daily lives. Youth Group Jr. meet on the 1
st and 3rd Sundays to share and grow in faith.

Another way to define Rally Day is to unite around the everyday ministries of the congregation. In this definition we highlight the volunteers that have carry out His mission and the opportunities these ministries present to serve in the life of the congregation.

Music ministry in Bells, Choir, Praise Band, and special music.
Behind the scenes tasks on Sunday Morning: acolytes, readers, ushers, Altar Guild, sound board operators, greeters, and coffee fellowship clean up.

Serve in ministry with the Board of Elders, Board of Education, Board of Youth, Board of Outreach, Board of Human Care, Board of Stewardship, Board of Properties, and Board of Fellowship. 

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