CPR / AED Training

The next training class is scheduled for October 2nd. Those who are currently CPR AED certified, your certification will expire in August 2017.  If you are not currently trained, you can sign up.  We would like to maintain at least 12 people trained within the congregation.  To register online, go to the web site:  http://www.ocwfcd.org/cpr-classes/  and click on the “Classroom Registration Here” link.  A separate window will open up.  Type in “Fort Walton Beach, FL” in the search area and click on the “Search Training Centers/Sites” button and the training sites in our area will show up.  Click on the Details button under Ocean City-Wright Fire Control District.  You’ll see the Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Class listed that is occurring on Monday, 2 Oct. 2017 from 10 am – 2 pm.  Click in that area and then you’ll see the RESERVE button.  It will take about 10-15 seconds for the registration page to come up.  Provide all of the requested information.  For Institution field be sure to put in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Click on RESERVE. You will get a Reserved Class Confirmation page.  Please print the page out for your records and bring to the training.  I will make arrangements with Kathy Shaw to pay for all of us in advance or the day of the training.  (If 10 or more sign up we will receive a discount!)  If the 2 October date does not work for you, then we can try to make arrangements for another date if we have a large enough group.  I would recommend bringing a lunch.  The last time we were finished by 1 pm.  For more information, contact Jean Grieve at jean.grieve@yahoo.com or 850-240-4300.

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