Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Faith Lessons - Fellowship hall. Experience the Bible in historical context. – Tom Cox

Basic Christianity - Library. Ideal for people who are interested in what the Lutheran Church teaches and believes. – Pastor Ray

Contemporary Issues- Classroom 5. Discussion group having a Christian perspective on cultural and social issues of our time.

Pericopes – Classroom 4. Delve deeper into each week’s three Scripture readings used in worship service. – Ross Binkley

Reading Romans with Luther - Classroom 6. Even though Martin Luther taught about the Book of Romans half a millennium ago, Luther applies Scripture to the everyday life today. The grace God shows you is a gift, and not something you need to earn. – Stephanie & Randy Lawson

The Shorter Books & Letters of the Bible - Youth Room. The purpose of the Bible is to point us to Christ Jesus. This study will take a closer look at those biblical books and letters that lack the verbosity of the others. Family Life Minister Curtis

Forgiveness; Receive from God, Extend to others — Classroom 3. Learn the life-altering, rich teachings that God’s Word offers about forgiveness. Soften your heart as you learn of Jesus’ forgiveness for you, and be encouraged to extend that same forgiveness to others.— Nancy Humphries 

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