Newsletter July 2020


Dear Good Shepherd Family,
I am saddened by what is taking place in our country. Our focus goes back in forth on a daily basis from Covid 19 to Racism. Instead of writing a newsletter article I decided to re-print an article sent out this past week to all pastors of the Southern District on the subject of Racism. It is a long article but worth the time to read. Don’t just read this article; put it into practice.
In Christ, Pastor Ray

Asher Newsletter May 2020


Frightened Hearts
“Hohenecken - Let not your hearts be frightened! Believe in God and also in me! Jesus Christ” John 14:1
That’s the translation of a giant banner hanging outside an independent protestant church in Hohenecken (our village). What a witness to a country whose largest single religious group (34%) is non- believers, with another 6% being Muslim! Even in the second-largest group (Christians) most do not attend church, except for Christmas and Easter. So this witness is vital during this pandemic.
Our streamed worship services (see are also a witness during this pandemic. We are finding that we have “visitors” in our worship every week. We thank God that His Word is still being proclaimed, in spite of the pandemic, and that we can see the Lord using this witness. Here in Germany, when people consider that they could die, the mind often goes to end of life thoughts like, “If God exists, maybe I should give some thought to Him.” And when this happens, then a discussion about God is possible!