Adult Sunday School Classes

Basic Christianity
Joe Staton Library

Book of Genesis
Pastor Ray, Joe Staton, Tom Cox Fellowship

Book of Genesis (Chapter 11)    
Family Life Minister Curtis     Youth Room

Flower Chart

We still have many slots available to fill on our 2019 Flower Chart. Each arrangement is $25. The chart is located next to the water fountain in the Narthex. Each week, the altar flowers not only brighten our sanctuary; after the late service, they are delivered to one of our shut-ins, or someone in a nursing home or hospital to brighten their day. Please sign up today

Rally Day

Join us for Rally Day, Sept 1st, immediately following late service for lunch and an afternoon of fun! Rally Day underscores God's intention that all Christians (children, youth, and adults) grow and learn from His Word by including it in our daily routine. Rally Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate and acknowledge the ministries within the congregation with food, games, displays, a water slide, and fellowship.  

We need cookies, brownies, cupcakes and single serve treats for the Cake Walk. It would be very helpful if you could bring them pre-packaged in single servings, i.e. in a snack or sandwich sized bag, pretty please and thank you

Back to School Drive

The Human Care Board is collecting school supplies for three of our local Elementary Schools. The various lists are available in the Narthex. Supplies will be collected through Labor Day. We will take care of delivering them to the schools! If you don’t feel like shopping, donations are gladly accepted and we will do the shopping for you. Please contact Jean Grieve for more information:, 850-240-4300

Pastor's Wednesday Bible Study

with Pastor Ray @10:00 AM in the Library. Pastor Ray invites you to join him to explore “How to Pray

Ladies Bible Study

Come join us (Thursdays from 10:00 – 11:30 AM in the church library) to discuss God’s Word and how it impacts our lives. How do we remain faithful to God’s Word through evangelism in a hostel culture and in our busy lives. For more information, please call or email Mary Ann Day at (832) 585-2931 or  


Confirmation is a lifelong Christian education and relational experience, within the congregation, that began when you came to faith in Jesus Christ. It is also a deeply held Lutheran tradition of formal classroom instruction. Our approach at Good Shepherd is to have two years of focused instruction (Sept- May) beginning in the 8th grade school year. The 8th grade classroom times are Wednesdays (5:00-6:30) starting September 11th in the Youth Room. The 9th grade classroom times are Wednesdays (6:30-8:00) starting September 11th in the Youth Room.

Young Adult Small Group

Anger is a distraction. Join us on our journey to reconnect to the Peace that passes all human understanding. We meet in the Café Sundays (4:30 PM – 5:45 PM) for fellowship and discussion. For information, contact Family Life Minister Curtis

Small Group/D-48

The Good Shepherd Board of Elders, with cooperation and assistance of Pastor Ray and Family Life Minister Curtis, have set a goal to start small-group discipleship in January of 2020. As Pastor Ray discussed in his sermon of 4 August, Relationships are God’s idea.
Our first step, then, is to meet in fellowship to deepen relationships with one another and with God. In the next five months we've scheduled two workshops to prepare us for fellowship and outreach with a small group program that starts in January called

Dinner for Eight [D-48]

Workshop 1 is 14 Sept in the Fellowship Hall. Workshop 2 is scheduled for 19 October, same venue. Workshops are 3 hours [max] and include a healthy breakfast courtesy of our Fellowship board. Today you’ll have a chance to show interest and/or commit to attending Workshop 1, by completing the slip in your bulletin and placing it in the offering plate. Christian fellowship and outreach are part of a strong, loving church family

Children Sunday School

Baptism is the focus of this week’s lesson as students explore “Meeting at the H2Oh! Lydia Is Baptized.” Participants study how God pours out His love for them by giving them His Holy Spirit through water and the Word, granting them saving faith, forgiveness, and a home in heaven. Consider discussing, “What does being a baptized child of God mean to you

Adult Summer Sunday School

All adults are invited to meet in the Fellowship Hall with Pastor Ray to learn the “Stuff they didn’t teach me in Sunday School about Genesis.” We’ve all heard the Genesis stories before – Adam and Eve, the fall into sin, God’s promise to Abraham, Jacob’s ladder, the fall and rise of Joseph…. This study reveals the seldom heard back-story behind the popular accounts we learned as kids. For more information contact Family Life Minister Curtis or Pastor Ray

Lifetree Cafe

How does a world-renowned geneticist, who helped lead the human genome project, balance a belief in God and a trust in science? Find out during “Faith and Science” this week at Lifetree Café.

Altar Guild

We are in need of some volunteers to fulfill some “behind the scenes” altar guild responsibilities. A few of our long time volunteers are wanting to take a step back and semi-retire so it’s time for some new volunteers to step up and help out. Many of the tasks can be split up and don’t take a lot of time; some occur weekly while others occur monthly. Please contact Jean Grieve for more information:, 850-240-4300


Did you know GSLC sent dozens of quilts to the needy survivors of Hurricane Michael? And dozens more to LWML and the Orphan Train?

The need continues but the workers are few. Did you just say, “I don’t quilt?” But… can you iron a sheet; cut squares of fabric; tie knots with pieces of yarn? We need you to volunteer Wednesday morning to do those things.

Come between 9:30 – 10:00 and give us some precious time and help! Feel free to bring a lunch if you choose to stay until noon, so you can get to know our “Quilting Bees” and our “Knotty Ladies

Organ Replacement Fund

The Word of God (Made flesh, Written, Preached, and Visible) is central to our worship services. We respond with music using one voice to give thanks and to rejoice. Music influences us in setting tone and mood. The organ is an instrument with a broad range of musical capabilities, capabilities that we are losing in the current organ for it is long overdue for replacement. Thanks to the generosity of others and the “Lois Henry and Friends” Keys for the Kingdom concert, we currently have $52,954 toward the replacement goal of $70,000. Please consider donating

Nursery Attendant

We have a need to fill the position of Nursery Attendant. All applicants will need to pass a background check and an interview process. For more information, see Family Life Minister Curtis. 

Mid-Year Contribution Statements

Members’ mid-year contribution statements will not be automatically mailed this year. If you would like a statement mailed to you, please contact Dianna Riggenbach at the Church Office, or by email at to request a copy.

Prayer Chain

If you or anyone you know would like to be on the list to receive the prayer request emails, please send name and email address to Pat Rudolph at (if you are already on the list, please note this is a new email address0

Save Your Treasures!

In the hope that we can raise the remaining needed funds for our new organ, a church rummage sale will take place on October 19th. If you are able, please join Anna Haase this Thursday, August 22nd at 11:30 for brief hour of initial planning. Please listen for future updates on how you can give of your time, talents and treasures

Life Quotes

Marriage and family, sexuality and procreation reflect the grace of God in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:32). Therefore, sexuality sought outside of marriage or exercised exclusively to gratify self and flesh’s appetites cheaply imitates, poorly substitutes for, and only incompletely apprehends the fullness of God’s blessing for it. Celebrating and engaging in the blessings of chastity, modesty, and even celibacy best protect and prepare the heart patiently awaiting His vocation to marriage. And taking one’s place within the Christian fellowship, whether as spouse or single, leaves nothing lacking (Mark 10:29-30).” Rev. Michael W. Salemink, executive director of Lutherans For Life – A Life Quote from Lutherans For Life •

This Week at Church

    Traditional Service with Communion    8:00 AM
    Coffee Fellowship    9:00 AM
    Sunday School    9:30 AM
     Contemporary Service    10:45 AM
    Youth Jr.     12:00 Noon
    Young Adult Group    4:30 PM
    Sr. High School Youth    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #2 (Chandler & Hagel)    This Week
    Lifetree Cafe    7:00 PM
     Quilting    9:30 AM
    Pastor’s Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Ladies Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Bulletin Team    9:00 AM
    Praise Band    8:00 AM
    Traditional Service    8:00 AM
    Coffee Fellowship    9:00 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service with Communion    10:45 AM
    Board of Education     12:00 NOON
    Young Adult Group    6:00 PM
    Sr. High School Youth    4:30 PM
    Lawn Team #3 (Haag & Haggerty)    Week of 8/18

Prayer Cards

PRAYER CARDS are located on the table as you enter the Sanctuary (under the iron shepherd). If you have a prayer request, please complete a card and place it in the PRAYER REQUEST box

Online Giving

SUPPORT Good Shepherd has several ways to help support our ministries:
•    Direct – Cash or check donation into the plate
•    Online – Donate on our website:
•    Text – Donate via Text to 772-291-5019 – Simply text an amount to the number and follow the prompts
•    GivePlus Mobile App – Download the “GivePlus Church” app to set up a one-time or recurring gift. Search Zip Code 32579 for our church.