Children Sunday School

Today in Sunday School, the lesson is “Jesus Heals Many.” Through many miracles, Jesus shows us His power over sin. Ask your children to tell you, “Who did Jesus heal? What were some of the sicknesses the people had?” Talk about sin – yours, theirs, and the world’s – and how Satan holds the world in bondage, causing sickness and death. Assure them that Jesus is the Holy One of God, who defeats Satan and frees us from his hold, granting us eternal life in paradise. Emphasize that Jesus has power over sin and sickness, saving the lost by His death and resurrection.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Basic Christianity
    Pastor Ray    Library

Faith Lessons
    Tom Cox    Fellowship Hall

Pericopes (readings of the day)
    Ross Binkley    Ed Bldg #4

Book of Genesis
    FLM Curtis    Youth Room

Pastor's Wednesday Bible Study

Meets in the Library at 10:00 AM on Wednesdays – Pastor Ray invites you to join him for various topics in Bible study.

Lifetree Cafe

Polls indicate a large majority of Americans believe Jesus walked the earth, but a smaller percentage say he’s the Son of God. Why? Join us and share your opinion during “Who Was Jesus—Really?” next week at Lifetree Café.

Easter Puppets

Inconceivable! The Easter puppets are back! This year’s Marionette production is entitled “John’s Account of Easter.” Each of the Gospel writers brought out different details in their testimonies; for example, in last year’s production, based on Luke, we heard from the criminals on the cross. In this year’s play we will witness Peter’s reinstallation. Come join in the celebration on Easter morning at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall

Young Adult Group

New topical study begins in April. Stewardship rarely provokes a neutral reaction. So we are going to ease into the discussion through a Bible study to help us understand the issues involved. We meet in the Café on Sundays (4:30 PM – 6:00 PM) for fellowship and to discuss. Childcare is provided. For more information, contact Katie Tolbert (850) 218-6451 or Family Life Minister Curtis.

Congregational President

Garry Haase has agreed to be the President. Church Council appointed him at the March Council Meeting.

Organ Replacement Fund

As many of you know, our church organ in in dire need of replacement.  It was been in the sanctuary since 1988 and has outlived its normal life expectancy by 10 years.  Thanks to the generosity of some anonymous donors and the “Lois Henry and Friends” Keys for the Kingdom concert, we currently have just over $45,000 in our GSLC Organ Replacement Fund.  If you would like to contribute to the Organ Replacement Fund, please make your check out to GSLC, noting “Organ Replacement Fund” in the memo line.  You may also donate online at and click Organ Replacement in the More/Give ta

Empowered to Connect Conference

Click on logo for resignation site

SIMULCAST | APRIL 25-26, 2019

Come experience practical teaching in a safe and supportive community as we work to equip families, churches, and professionals to better serve children impacted by adoption and foster care.

Featuring Trust-Based Relational Intervention® methods, developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU, to help bring attachment and connection in families.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

9:00-5:00 Thursday and Friday, doors open at 8:30
$10 fee provides notebook and snacks

Register here:

Life Team

is hosting the EMPOWERED TO CONNECT CONFERENCE SIMULCAST on Thursday, April 25th and Friday, April 26th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Adoptive and foster parents as well as children’s ministry workers, counselors, teachers, can become better equipped to serve the children in their lives. The teaching and resources presented at the conference can be life changing for children and families. Please join us for this event and invite others who may be interested. An adult in touch with ANY child from ANY perspective could benefit from the tools learned through this conference. For more information see or contact Mary Ann Day,, (832) 585-2931 or Julie Cox,, (850) 585-406

New Church Secretary

Susanna Lynn has been a part of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church programs, such as cohosting the Divine Destinations Women’s Retreat and singing for Sanctity of Life Sunday. She now joins us as Church Secretary. In addition to singing, she is a prolife advocate, and wrote a song called, I Am Alive. This year, the music video for the song was filmed with the help of Lisa Schwartz and her ultrasound images. You can watch the video on; it is listed under “I Am Alive by Susanna Lynn.”

Pastor's Sunday School

How do I become a member of Good Shepherd?

We are honored that you are considering membership at Good Shepherd.  Helping you to connect with Christ is our top priority.

We would like to teach you about our faith and the teachings of the Bible in a class called Basic Christianity. In this class we will be teaching you about: who Jesus is; why the Bible is so important; about Baptism; The Lord’s Supper; prayer; and much more.

Our next Basic Christianity Class is taught by Pastor Ray and Deacon Joe Staton and starts Sunday April 28th @ 9:30 AM (during the Sunday School Hour) in the church Library. Hope to see you there!

Information about the Basic Christianity classes is available in the Narthe

Life Quotes

When the devil speaks, do not believe the lies. Whether your life be young or old, the deceit of death will enter it. You will walk by caskets. You will lie in a hospital bed. You will hear the devil speak in his native language. His lies will come to you just as they did to me. See through his faulty speech. Recognize his broken narrative. Deny every phony word. Christ calls you a Christian, and the devil’s language holds no truth. When the deceit of death enters your life, listen to the truth Christ speaks on this day … ‘He will speak again. You will visit family again. She will greet you again. Christ will rise again.’” Rev. Paul Spaude, Martin Luther College – A Life Quote from Lutherans For Life • www.lutheransforlife.or

This Week at Church

    EASTER Sunrise Beach Service     6:00 AM
    Pancake Breakfast    7:00 – 11:00 AM
    Traditional Service    8:00 AM
    Easter Puppet Show    9:30 AM
     Contemporary Service     10:45 AM
    Lawn Team #10 ( Lepper & Schwartz)    This Week
    Church Office Closed    
    Lifetree Cafe    7:00 PM
     Quilting Today    9:30 AM
    Pastor’s Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Confirmation (9th)    5:00 PM
    Hand Bells Practice    5:45 PM
    Confirmation (8th)     6:30 PM
    Choir Practice    7:00 PM
    Empowered to Connect    9:00 AM-5 PM
    Ladies Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Church Council    6:00 PM
    Bulletin Team    9:00 AM
    Empowered to Connect    9:00 AM-5 PM
    Praise Band    8:00 AM
    Traditional Service    8:00 AM
    Coffee Fellowship    9:00 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service with Communion    10:45 AM
    Young Adult Bible Study    4:30 PM
    High School Youth Group    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #1 (Bittle & Hill)    Week of 4/2

This Week at Church

    Traditional Service     8:00 AM
    Coffee Fellowship    9:15 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service with Communion    10:45 AM
    Young Adult Group    4:30 PM
    High School Youth Group    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #1 (Bittle & Hill)    This Week
    LWML    7:00 PM
    Lifetree Café     7:00 PM
    Quilting    9:30 AM
    Pastor’s Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Lenten Dinner    5:30 PM
    Hand Bell Practice    5:45 PM
    Lenten Service    6:30 PM
    Choir Practice    7:30 PM
    Ladies Bible Study    10:00 AM
    Bulletin Team    
    Praise Team    8:00 AM
    Puppet Practice    12:00 Noon
    Traditional Service with Communion    8:00 AM
    5th Sunday Breakfast    9:15 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service with Communion    10:45 AM
    Young Adult Bible Study    4:30 PM
    High School Youth Group    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #2 (Chandler & Hagel)    Week of 3/3

Staffed Nursery

A STAFFED NURSERY is available to care for your young children during both services, including the Sunday school hour. There is also a CRY ROOM with sound and a window into the Sanctuary.

Prayer Cards

PRAYER CARDS are located on the table as you enter the Sanctuary (under the iron shepherd). If you have a prayer request, please complete a card and place it in the PRAYER REQUEST box

Online Giving

SUPPORT Good Shepherd has several ways to help support our ministries:
•    Direct – Cash or check donation into the plate
•    Online – Donate on our website:
•    Text – Donate via Text to 772-291-5019 – Simply text an amount to the number and follow the prompts
•    GivePlus Mobile App – Download the “GivePlus Church” app to set up a one-time or recurring gift. Search Zip Code 32579 for our church.