Hurricane Update 18 Oct

Pastor Ray spent Wednesday in Mexico beach with Pastor Dave Gieseking digging through the rubble of what used to be Pastor Dave's apartment and church. There was nothing left of the church to dig through except the slab where it once stood.
Below is information on how you can help. 
What can YOU do?
⋅ PRAY – “FIRST of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone.” (1 Timothy 2:1)
⋅ GIVE – Needs on the scene(s) are so fluid that the best way to help right now is to send money rather than goods. 100% of your gift goes to the need.
Hurricane Michael’s path went over six Southern District LCMS congregations.
⋅ Living Water, Mexico Beach – Their meeting space and their pastor’s apartment were destroyed. The homes of various members were severely damaged.
⋅ Good Shepherd, Callaway – The roof of their sanctuary was breached, their fellowship hall severely damaged, and their sub-level is serving as a neighborhood shelter. The homes of various members were severely damaged.
⋅ Redemption, Panama City – Their sanctuary and meeting spaces are a total and uninsured loss.
⋅ Trinity, Panama City – Some of their exterior buildings were damaged. Their pastor’s home was damaged. The homes of various members were damaged.
⋅ Christ Our Savior, Panama City Beach – No word on the status of their facilities or member homes. Their community was greatly affected by various forms of wind damage.
⋅ Ascension, Marianna – Their community was greatly affected by felled trees and power outage.
Church Needs if you want to go in person and serve
Living Water Lutheran Church, Mexico Beach
⋅ Pastor Dave Gieseking working out of Shalimar at the moment (Call Pastor Ray)
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Callaway
⋅ NOW – A person on-site to communicate daily real-time needs (10/17)
Redemption Lutheran Church, Panama City
⋅ NOW – People to bring food and grill to cook meals and distribute on-site (10/17)
⋅ NOW – People to do general clean up on-site (10/17)
Trinity Lutheran Church, Panama City
⋅ NOW – People to help distribute food 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily (10/17)
⋅ NOW – Chain saw crew (10/17)
⋅ NOW – Gasoline for generators (10/17)
⋅ NEXT YEAR – Volunteers housed at on-site Camp Restore to aid in long-term recovery
Christ Our Savior, Lutheran Church, Panama City Beach
Ascension Lutheran Church, Marianna
⋅ NOW – Chain saw crew (10/17)
⋅ NOW – People to make periodic runs to retrieve needs list items from Sam’s Club in Fort Walton Beach or your nearby Walmart and to deliver to Hope Lutheran Church, Santa Rosa Beach OR Grace Lutheran Church, Destin) Call Kristie Scheler at 850-520-0900.

Psalm 46 & Matthew 16:18 PEACE in Jesus

Southern District LCMS Disaster Response Volunteer Teams

Southern District LCMS Disaster Response is now ready to begin accepting volunteer teams into Panama City!

Trinity Lutheran Church in Panama City, Florida, has offered their facilities to house our Volunteer Center for the Hurricane Michael response effort. President Johnson and our Southern District Relief Coordinator, Rev. Ed Brashier, are currently working with Trinity to establish our volunteer headquarters.
While we are now ready to start bringing in volunteer teams, be aware that at this time NO power or water has been restored to Trinity; therefore we are unable to house volunteers in the facilities just yet.
HOWEVER, if your team is able to "rough it" we are ready to facilitate your team in helping serve our disaster relief efforts. Roughing it means your team provides your own housing (an RV with generator works great), or camping equipment to set up on site, and bring your own food, a way to prepare it, and your own shower capability. There is plenty of work to be done for the intrepid volunteers ready, willing, and able to rough it on scene.

- OR - If you can't rough it, you may be able to commute into Trinity from an outside area each day. If so, be aware that you will need to find those accommodations on your own at this time.

The utility companies are working overtime and we hope that these conditions improve soon so that the Volunteer Center can be fully operational.

The primary focus of the Volunteer Effort at this time is to serve the communities of our congregations with disaster relief supplies in the short term, and to do Tree and Debris Removal, Tarp and Patch Roofs and salvage valuables now and in the long term.

If you have expertise in any of the above-mentioned skill areas, and are able to volunteer now, please contact the Southern District Disaster Response Coordinator, Pastor Ed Brashier, for more details and to reserve a timeframe to serve in Panama City.

Pastor Ed Brashier
Call or text: 205-296-3714
- Also - Be aware that the traffic currently going into Panama City is horrendous. It takes about an hour to travel the last 10 miles to Trinity. So ... if you come, bring lots of patience along too!
Conditions change daily so stay tuned for updates. We are hopeful that water and electricity will be restored quickly and we will be able to house volunteers inside at Trinity. When power and water are restored we will then be ready and able to house volunteers


On October 28th we will celebrate the Reformation with a congregational picnic, live action drama, Lutheran trivia, pumpkin carving, and fellowship. It was published in the Newsletter that we would be having only one Worship Service on Sunday, October, 28th. The Board of Elders decided to keep our regular worship schedule for that day. The Reformation Festival activities will begin after Late Service.

The Reformation commemorates the rescue of the Gospel (Faith alone, Grace alone, Christ alone) from a corrupt medieval church. The catalyst for the reformation was the October 31, 1517 posting on the door of the Wittenberg Church, a disputation protesting clerical abuses and the sale of forgiveness.


Consider the gifts God has given you to support His church on earth.  If you have been gifted with a singing voice, join the choir, which sings at the 8:00 AM service three Sundays a month. Or, if you like hand bell music, ring with us at one 8:00 AM service a month. Rehearsals for both choirs are every Wednesday: Bells ring from 5:45-6:45 PM; voices sing from 7:00-8:00 PM. Speak with Music Director Lois Henry or text her at 850-974-5751. “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits to me?” Psalm 116:12.    

Altar Flowers

Flowers are given to the glory of God by Lee and Jean Grieve in memory of Jean’s best friend Dawn Treylinek.

Hurricane Recovery Update

Wow! People of Good Shepherd you are awesome!!!
The door offering for Hurricane Recovery was over $7,000!!!

We had a planning meeting at Hope Lutheran on Monday morning. Officials from the LCMS in St. Louis, Southern District Representatives, Southern District's Shepherd's Heart Disaster Response Team met to formulate a plan. It was difficult to say the least.

Tuesday afternoon I drove our Good Shepherd trailer to Hope on the Beach. Our trailer will be used to bring in supplies.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jacob Pytlik of PRECISION TUNE (at Racetrack and Beal Pky) for putting new tires on our trailer. What a blessing you are!

On the way to Hope I picked up supplies from Good News Methodist Church, which is a drop off point in Walton County.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) our trailer will be filled up with supplies and taken into Panama City.
Supplies are being taken in to the Panama City Area almost everyday from Hope.

This is an on going list what we need: (Please drop off at Good Shepherd)

Heavy Duty Trash Bags
Bug Repellent
Gallon Zip Bags
Depends (or similar undies)
Baby Powder
Body Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Batteries AA C D AAA
Empty 5 Gallon Gas Cans

Thank you once again!

Pastor Ra

Hurricane Response - Southern District LCMS

As you are aware, Hurricane Michael, a "monstrous" storm churning with 155 mph winds, roared ashore on the Florida Panhandle this afternoon as the most powerful storm on record to strike the region

The big question on everyone's mind is,
What Can We Do Now To Help?

Our District disaster response team, headed by Camp Restore NOLA and our Disaster Response Coordinator, Ed Brashier, have been on alert and are now actively putting our preplanned response into motion.  It's important to understand that we are not first, nor second, responders.  It will take time before we can get in and begin to help.  Our goal is not to be first, but to be on scene for months to come.

David Goodine of Camp Restore, Ed Brashier, and me along with our synod's Disaster Relief team will be on site in Panama City as soon as we can get into the area.  We will talk with local pastors and other officials and assess the situation before finalizing our plans.  As of now we plan for our base of operations to be at Trinity Lutheran Church, Panama City.

For now, what you can do is:

    •    Continue to pray
    •    Be prepared to give generously toward rebuilding. (You will receive information soon on how you can give with 100% of the monies given going directly to disaster relief)
    •    Be prepared to help volunteer once we have our operations center set up and ready to get to work
    •    Pray some more

We will continue to keep you updated as our relief work is in progress and will let you know our needs and how you can help after we have a handle on the situation and are ready to get to work.

I know many of you have a desire to do something to help.  For now the best thing you can do is wait, pray, and be ready to help once we are set up and ready to coordinate all the help that will be needed in response to this devastating storm.

Thanks and Blessings!
Your Servant In Christ's Mission,
Rev. Eric Johnson 

Children's Sunday School

In Sunday School today, the children will learn the account of “The Passover.” This true story, about the night when the angel of death passed over the homes of God’s people who had painted their doors with the blood of a lamb, foreshadows Christ, God’s Son, who became the Lamb whose blood was shed for us. Jesus is our Passover Lamb, and thus we will never die—we have the gift of eternal life. Ask your children, “Who gives us the faith to believe that Jesus is our Savior?”


Please join us November 11th for the next installment of 24 to Double.

Welcome First Time Attenders!

We are happy that you are here to worship with us this morning. Please join us for coffee in the Narthex after the service so that we have an opportunity to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our church.

Pastor's Tuesday Bible Study

Meets in the Library at 10:00 AM – Pastor Ray invites you to join him for various topics in Bible study. For the next several weeks the study will be from the Book of Daniel. Bring your Bible

Lifetree Cafe

When something bad happens, how long does it take for you to forgive yourself? Share your thoughts during “If Only…” this week at Lifetree Café - Shalimar.

Young Adults Bible Study

Genesis - Today, young adults, especially young families with children, will meet in the Cafe on Sundays (4:30 - 6:00) for fellowship and to consider the essential stories found in Genesis. Childcare will be provided. For more information contact Katie Tolbert or Family Life Minister Curtis.

Life Quote

“Look at your infancy and give thought to whether you remember that you were in your mother’s womb, that you lay in a cradle, that you sucked your mother’s breasts, cried, ate pap, grew, etc. Yet we are certainly alive even during the first year, when the fetus is carried in the mother’s womb.” Martin Luther (LW 5:75) – A Life Quote from Lutherans For Life •

LCMS Youth Gathering

LCMS Youth Gathering (July 11-15, 2019 - Minneapolis, MN) : Registration for the gathering is October 17th. A commitment to attending is needed by October 15th. Our parent meeting for the Gathering will be September 30th during the Youth Group. The gathering theme is rooted in Psalms 46: “Real. Present. God.”

Staffed Nursery

A STAFFED NURSERY is available to care for your young children during both services, including the Sunday school hour. There is also a CRY ROOM with sound and a window into the Sanctuary.

Prayer Cards

PRAYER CARDS are located on the table as you enter the Sanctuary (under the iron shepherd). If you have a prayer request, please complete a card and place it in the PRAYER REQUEST box.

Online Giving

SUPPORT Good Shepherd has several ways to help support our ministries:
•    Direct – Cash or check donation into the plate
•    Online – Donate on our website:
•    Text – Donate via Text to 772-291-5019 – Simply text an amount to the number and follow the prompts
•    GivePlus Mobile App – Download the “GivePlus Church” app to set up a one-time or recurring gift. Search Zip Code 32579 for our church.

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This Week at Church

SUNDAY 10/21
    Traditional Service with Communion    8:00 AM
    Coffee Fellowship    9:15 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service    10:45 AM
    Elementary Youth Group    12 Noon
    Young Adult Group    4:30 PM
    High School Youth Group    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #8 (Lawson & Lienemann)    This Week

    Bible Study    10:00 AM

    Lifetree Cafe    7:00 PM

    Quilting    9:30 AM

    Confirmation (9th Grade)    5:00 PM
    Hand Bells    5:45 PM
    Confirmation (8th Grade)    6:30 PM
    Choir    7:00 PM

    Ladies Bible Study    11:30 AM

    Bulletin Team    9:00 AM

    Praise Team    8:00 AM

    Traditional Service with Communion    8:00 AM

    Coffee Fellowship    9:15 AM
    Sunday School     9:30 AM
    Contemporary Service with Communion    10:45 AM
    High School Youth Group    6:00 PM
    Lawn Team #10 (Lepper & Schwartz)    Week of 10/28

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